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OPAS -- the Orchestra Planning and Administration System -- is a comprehensive software program specifically designed to manage virtually every facet of orchestra administration. OPAS seamlessly integrates the repertoire, artistic, scheduling, personnel, finance, library and tour operations of any performing ensemble.

Designed and developed in association with some of the country's leading orchestras, it is a highly refined and unique tool for managing a modern symphony orchestra, chorus, or chamber ensemble.

OPAS provides control over an orchestra's or ensemble's:

Personnel Attendance and Payroll
Guest Artists and Conductors
Score Library and Archives
Instruments, Cases and Insurance
Production information
 Marketing information
Expenses, Budgets


OPAS does this through the use of a central database, so regardless of the program areas you use, data is related, instantly available to all staff members, and all-inclusive.  Only OPAS features...

Hundreds of free reports, calendars, schedules, data functions

Regular program updates and development according to the needs of our clients

Equal performance for small and large organizations

Ability to efficiently and effectively customize reports, data functions and other program operations


Now in use at over 200 organizations worldwide, OPAS has proven itself to be an economical, stable and indispensable tool. 

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